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Suggested timeframe of completion: Beginning of School Year- October 1


Success starts with taking a step. The path to education and/or career after high school is not always a straight one. A traditional 4-year college is not for everyone, and not all careers require a 4-year degree. Consider looking at your plan from a different perspective. Instead of thinking of education as the first step necessary – think about your goal or the career you might want to pursue and work backwards to find out what education and training opportunities exist. You might be surprised at what you find.

Start with a career. Choose a career that matches your interests and skills. Our Interest and Value Quizzes can help you determine what those are.

Next Steps Interest and Value Quizzes

Choose a major or program of study. Determine what programs of studies/majors lead to your desired career. Keep in mind that there is not always one correct answer.

Choose a college, university, certificate program, apprenticeship, etc. Not all colleges and universities have the degree or program that you are wanting to pursue. Explore the programs and schools that best fit your goals.

Explore Education

Now its your turn to create your own high school to career map. Use this template to get started.

High School to Career Map

Keep this map in mind as you go on to complete the next few sets of activities.