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Suggested timeframe of completion: March 1- May 15

If you’ve talked to adults who work, you probably have heard them say that getting a job is all about who you know and not necessarily what you know. This may be true for colleges as well. Along with your application, FAFSA information, and personal statements, some schools will require that you submit reference letters that help the admissions office understand why you would be a strong candidate for their school. Strong references and reference letters are also a major factor when you’re applying for scholarships, jobs, and apprenticeships.

If you are looking for a job right out of high school, letters of recommendation or references help you demonstrate your skills and reliability to a potential employer. Through the endorsement of those who know you, you help them learn about your skills, abilities, accomplishments and trustworthiness in the past and that you are capable performing the work/skills listed on your resume.

Collecting references from teachers that you’ve built relationships with is a great way to bolster your college or job application. Help your teachers and counselors out by providing them with a brag sheet, well in advance of any letter due-dates, about yourself that includes the following:

  • Where or what you are applying for
  • A quick summary of your future plans
  • Paid work experience (if any)
  • Volunteer work experience (if any)
  • Out of school extracurricular activities (clubs an sports)
  • Others items like interests and hobbies

See the attached brag sheet template that you can use to help your teachers and counselors out when composing your reference letters. And yes, you can use your resume to help you.

Brag Sheet Template