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Suggested timeframe of completion: January 1- March 1

Your GPA is a key indicator of your academic success and it is used in college admissions and scholarship decisions, to evaluate class ranking, and to determine academic honors you might qualify to receive.

Tips to raise your GPA

  1. Put in a bit more study time
  2. Stay on top of your grades through the semester/trimester
  3. Check with your teacher to see if there are things you might be able to do to raise your grades.
  4. Retake a class you didn’t do as well as you would have liked to.
  5. If taking advanced or college prep course, make sure your grades are properly weighted.
  6. If you took any high school classes prior to 9th grade make sure they are on your transcript.

Use the Next Steps’ GPA Calculator to find out where you stand.

GPA Calculator

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Now that you know your GPA, does it meet the minimum requirements for the major or program of study you’re interested in pursuing or the school you’re interested in attending?